55-Gallon Water-Storage Kit. A complete water storage system in a value-loaded kit. The BPA-free, 55-gal. water barrel is made from durable, food-grade polyethylene. Kit includes barrel, 4-ft. siphon hose, a bucket/barrel lid opener and a bottle of aquamira water treatment drops.The square bottles are more collapsible, fit tightly with other bottles for efficient shipping and stocking, and are made from sugar based bioplastic. Kim claims that the new design has the potential.

Corkcicles come in water bottles and tumbler-style cups (from $28.41 for a 25 oz.), and one editor keeps two on her desk for water and tea at all times.The triple insulation claims it will keep.

We all know that tap water is better than buying bottled water, from an environmental standpoint at least. But what should you drink it out of? A single-use bottle, used multiple times, might be best.

Other categories were judged as well, including best bottled water (Smeraldina Natural Artesian Water from Sardinia, Italy) and best purified drinking water (Berkeley Springs Purified Water from none.

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